What Coaching Has Taught Me !

I don’t think anyone would be surprised that I personally feel akin to the Last Dance and Michael  Jordan, Infatuated with his extraordinary ability to lead, execute and win. No surprises that I feel connected to “Zen Master” Phil Jackson and his different approach toward coaching,  as one of my mantra is “Being Different is The Difference “ and I think my assistant ‘s and player’s  would say that” Coach McKenzie is a little different.

In sports and particularly basketball we have a saying that “pressure can burst pipes”. In my opinion this coronavirus has exposed that we have a major leadership issue locally, nationally and globally.  As I watched and reflected on what I’ve learned about my leadership,

I ‘ve been pleased on how much athletics and coaching has been an asset in my leadership development and my growth as a person.

At times I been befuddled watching how leaders’ trip over themselves regarding decision making  whether it’s been education, healthcare, economics or a  number of issues that have arisen in this moment of crisis, There decision making has more  often created  more fear and anxieties than provided answer for those they serve.

It made me think about coaching how every day I had to deal adversaries and had to adapt on the drop of time. It really made me think how sports prepare you for leadership. I most certainly know that a basketball is not a life and death matter, but the skills need to be an effective leader certainly come into play.

In a moment of crisis people look to leaders for guidance, they want to know what to do, what to expect and how to act.  They want a voice they can trust and someone with a plan, sounds like coaching to me.

I thought about some of things required as a coach and what I’ve learned over the years.   So, I kind of just put together a list of Coaches must:

  • Have short memories and be ready to bounce back regardless of wins or losses.
  • We must be effective communicators; in the heat of the moment one cannot afford. miscommunication.
  • Every practice and every game you require that you have a plan, you can’t be effective or affective and not knowing what you want to accomplish.
  • Your plan must be organized and must sense to those with whom you are communicating.
  • It requires innovation, you must be able to take something old and make it look and sound new.
  • You must be a facilitator and get a group of individuals to work as a team, The “We Over Me”
  • You must be a foundation of knowledge for all of those which you are leading.
  • You must know when to be a General and when to be an advisor
  • You must have the ability to stay calm during chaos.
  • People need to know that they can trust you.
  • You must a Real Model and a Role Model.
  • You must the source of stability and consistency.
  • You must have the ability to teach and instruct.
  • You must be able to be both friend and foe
  • You must be able to inspire and motivate


” Few people have the imagination for reality”~ Johann Wolfgang Goethe

I promise that  I will get this  thing going consistently sooner than later and provide you with some timely and informative stuff or at least what’s on my mind at the moment. I am finding that managing this social media stuff definitely requires good time management. Can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post.

Well since the last time we talked or I should say since I wrote something, I have gotten out to several gyms watching kids and parents  Chase The Dream” Also since that time another large powerball drawing has taken place, the WNBA held it’s draft and the NBA held  it’s annual  lottery drawing, making me continue to think, Ironic or Coincident?  Some lucky guy in New Jersey won over $600 million dollars, obviously changing his life or  at least for the moment.

Just like those who stood in line hoping for their chance to cash that winning ticket, every weekend I have watched  parents in gyms hoping and praying that their kid represent the next big thing, powerball or mega-million. While I am one who always encourage folks to pursue their dreams I sometimes wonder with basketball does reality ever really happen. I still hear guys thirty-something still saying they are trying to play professional basketball even when they have never played at any level.

If you have not been recruited for the past four years as a high school player, do you honestly think you will get a DI college scholarship  playing from April to July? Yet every tournament host a group of kids who have used up their eligibility auditioning for college coaches or looking for exposure.

Maybe it’s time to consider a back-up plan?  Parents and players alike should understand that the numbers are real. There are 341 schools that have DI men’s basketball teams, and 338 that offer DI Women programs. Men programs  total 4,443 scholarships or 13 annually per team. There are 165,ooo graduating high school seniors plus Junior College kids seeking those scholarships. Women programs total 5,070 or 15 annually per team. In Division II there are 290 men’s programs and 291 women programs. Both men and women programs can only offer 10 total scholarships. It is common practice for DII to give partial scholarships. While their are 395 Division III men’s programs  and 425 women programs, athletic scholarships are not offered, students can earn academic scholarships or receive  a need based grant.

According to the NCAA the probability of competing beyond high school is 3.3 % for boy’s and 3.7% for girl’s.

Be careful because there is always someone out  here who can sell a ketchup popsicle to a women in white gloves.