Sports and Real Talk With Coach McKenzie

If you ever wanted life to stop or slow down so you could catch , God heard your prayers!!!

To My Family, Friends and Student Athletes:

Just reflecting, obviously the last few weeks has been a challenging but it’s been an opportunity to take control of ourselves and our situations. If you have not taken advantage of learning at your own pace and the opportunity to be in charge of your education then the reality is that academics may not be really important to you. If you haven’t watched every game from last season and your all plays ( good and bad) with a desire on what you can do to improve,then perhaps ” Ball is Not Life”. If you have not googled materials on your sport and or your position then when this is over you can answer the question why you don’t play when your parents ask the question? If all the information that you recieved from your Coach is still sitting in your text messages or email who are you really fooling about your love of the game besides yourself and your parents? Yes, none of us like this space and the lack of what we perceive as not being in control but reality is different than perception. The reality is that we all have been given an opportunity to reflect and regroup and make the necessary changes needed to achieve our goals, so if all we have done is complained about shelter in place, not hanging out with our friends, family , teammates or being able to get in the gym perhaps we have missed the mark. This opportunity may never present itself again where one is in Total control on moving the needle forward or plotting a course of what their future looks like. No Teachers or Coaches to blame! Many of us often pray for more time, to read …to study…to work out. God answered our prayers and now the Choice Is Ours!!!