New Launch of Coach McKenzie Brand

Integrity Is telling myself the truth and honesty is tell the truth to other people” -Spencer Johnson

If you have visited my blog this past year you would know that I have had a long hiatus. I needed to step away on spend some time working on becoming a better ” Coach McKenzie”, getting focused and re-energized. With a new year that brings lots of excitement and promise I am ready to move into 2013 ” Making Choices instead of Taking Chances” Which too many of us often do.

As you may or may not know, Coach McKenzie experiences and opinions extend beyond the hardwood and so starting next Sunday I will begin sharing on a weekly basis my thoughts on issues around sports, education and current events.

We most recently re-launched our new webpage which will allow you to stay connected in a variety of ways, please go over and visit us. Stay tuned for our new blogtalk radio show that will be coming your way in the very near future.

As this year progress, I hope you too will focus on becoming a better you through making choices instead of taking chances. Remember every morning that you arise we all are given 86,400 seconds and days end we should account for them all and remember life and is” Basketball is Much More Than Just A Game”